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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yeah Fiber

Today's blog is about fiber. In a low carb high protein diet it is very easy to miss out on your fiber. Everyone knows you need fiber because it helps to move things along. ehem. But did you know there is a ton of research going on right now about how fiber can decrease diseased and even stop some forms of cancer? I know, isn't that exciting? It seems more and more lately we have been seeing how diet has everything to do with how healthy you are. Who would have thought it?
Here is a link that talks about the differences in soluble and insoluble fiber and how both are important. *

My next thought was how can I get more fiber in my diet, which I am always tweaking as a new found celiac.
So here is a link on some tasty fiber foods. *
Please note the last one of the 6 is not Gluten Free so if you are reading this and you have celiac, don't use wheat germ.

And because I like to have variety and choices and be creative here is a link to a chart with high fiber foods.*

Also a great way to add some fiber to your diet is by adding a powder form. I sell one that dissolves completely, has no taste and comes in a easy to tote plastic stick. I add mine to my water bottle. It is also completely organic, so I'm not getting any pesticides with my fiber, and it isn't made from chemicals. If you are interested in purchasing some you can e-mail me at

Thank you for joining me and hope you love your new fiber friendly foods.

*not responsible for advertisements that may show up from these sites.

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