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Hello, nice to meet you! I started going gluten free in October of 2010. It was an adventure and still is. That is why I blog. I hope you enjoy visiting with me!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Simply Sweet and Delicious

A regular customer of ours, came in bearing cakes and goodies the other week! I was actually absent because of the vertigo I was experiencing, but he left a special treat for me.

Gluten Free Yellow Cupcakes. The brand name is French Meadow! They were kept refrigerated until I could come in to get them. They were delicious! And so sweet. They were a little on the dry side, but that could have been because I refrigerated them. Also, I could only eat one at a time because they were very rich, but such a nice treat to have!

As most gluten free treats tend to be, these are high in calories. One cupcake is 230 calories and 80 from fat! Good thing I ate one at a time. The sugars were high too at 27g a cupcake. OH MY! That is why you should always eat treats in moderation.

Overall I would give this gluten free cupcake a 4 star rating.
Oh, these would make a good birthday treat for someone who has celiac disease and loves sweets!