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Hello, nice to meet you! I started going gluten free in October of 2010. It was an adventure and still is. That is why I blog. I hope you enjoy visiting with me!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Eating At Eat'n Park

So last week a small group of business partners and I went out to Eat'n Park for a late night dinner. I had recently had a conversation with someone who works there about their gluten free choices. I learned of their gluten free bread rolls and wanted to try them. As most gluten free breads do not taste very good my expectations were low.
The waitress was very friendly in helping me order a gluten free choice and told me how they could prepare the rolls for me with my choice of toppings. The first thing I noticed was they are very big! There was no way I could bite into that sandwich! So I used my knife and fork to cut it up to eat it. The roll was very crumbly, and literally fell apart as I tried to use my fork to eat it. So I used my spoon to scoop it up.
The gluten free roll actually tasted pretty good. And I think wouldn't have been so dry if I put mayo or butter on it. I did notice a little after taste, and I knew that not having bread of any kind in such a long time may have skewed my favor for the rolls. So I had my friend try a piece. She said it tasted pretty good, that there was a little bit of a different taste to it, and didn't favor the aftertaste.
Over all I would rate this gluten free bread roll at a 4. Not so bad and a tasty treat to what I normally get at a restaurant.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gluten Free Mac n Cheese

This is a post about three kinds of gluten free Mac n Cheeses I have tried. 

The first one is Annie's. It is a rice pasta with a Parmesan cheese mix. The first thing I noticed about this pasta was that it took a little longer to cook than the box recommended which didn't surprise me because most gluten free pastas do. The mac n cheese was a mild flavor and was a little bland. This pasta isn't too expensive and you get the mix with it so over all I think I would rate this product at 3 stars.

The next pasta I have tried was De Boles gluten free Mac n Cheese. It was also a rice based pasta. It came with a cheese sauce mix and was Cheddar. This pasta took the amount of time on the box to soften and as soon as I poured in the mix, milk, and butter, I knew this was going to be a tasty dinner. Unlike Annie's, De Boles has lots of flavor and is very satisfying. I rate this gluten free pasta at 5 stars as the best I have tasted so far! It is also a little cheaper than Annie's.

The last pasta is still De Bole's, but just the elbow noodles. I went to a different store in search of the De Boles Mac n Cheese I had found before but only found the elbow noodles. It was the same price as the De Boles Mac n Cheese with the mix included. But since I was short on time I decided to pick it up anyways. I had cheese at home that I could use to make up mac n cheese with. There is a difference with the noodles though, they are corn noodles. And they cook up at the time said on the box: 8 Min. They can be over cooked and become mush so watch your noodles and don't let them sit in the hot water! Also since they are corn they taste a little different. They were better than most noodles I have tasted so I didn't count it a loss at all. Plus I got more meals out of the box than I did from the De Boles Mac n Cheese with mix, So over all I give it a 4 star rating.

Thanks for reading. I hope this has given you some options to try for yourself! Let me know if you have tried these pastas and what you think!